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Things to consider when looking for beauty salons near me

Beauty salons, and human health due to the applications carried out in their structures.
is closely related and creates an environment for the spread of various infectious diseases.
carries risks to public health. Allowed to be performed in beauty salons
The applications given are determined by legal regulations. Legal framework on the subject
Although it has changed over time, there is a complexity in practice.
appears to be available. This study was carried out in beauty salons.
to draw a descriptive framework about practices and legal regulations, to
It aims to examine and make recommendations from a health perspective. Also national
Since the literature appears to be limited, the attention of health researchers to this area
intended to be withdrawn. The study is a compilation using the literature review method.
is work. When the national literature is examined, it is seen that the studies carried out in hairdresser/barber salons
against Hepatitis B, one of the blood-borne diseases of the employees.
that vaccination is left to the preference of individuals and therefore vaccination rates are low.
is seen. Vaccination against hepatitis B should be made compulsory for workers. This employee in organizations, in the training they receive before starting their profession and in the
adequate information and training on sterilization, disinfection, and infectious diseases through training.
should be brought to the level of skill, and standardization should be given to the training of beauticians.
should be brought. Applications are allowed to be performed in beauty salons
new legislation is needed. New scientific studies on this subject
It is recommended to focus on implementation and implementation deficiencies.

Procedures Prohibited in Beauty Salons

In a lawsuit filed by dermatologists and plastic surgeons, it canceled the regulation allowing the use of certain devices in beauty salons. According to this decision of the Council of State, some medical devices such as photo epilation will no longer be used in beauty salons. After the cancellation decision, inspections became more frequent

Beauty Salon Types

The products and services that a beauty salon offers can vary greatly. A full-service beauty salon offers everything, almost any personal care service like massage, haircuts and hairstyling, hair color and perm, mani/pedis, tanning, waxing. Or there are salons that specialize in one or two different areas. Some beauty salons offer services such as haircuts, hairstyling and perms, but they may not do hair coloring. Some salons offer services such as haircuts, hair coloring, perm and styling. Nail salons offer a simple manicure process and pedicure to acrylic, specializes in nail care, from false nails to gel nails and paint designs. There are also tanning salons that offer tanning services, from spray plates to tanning beds.

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