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How to pick the right nail polish rack

If you are very big on painting your nails, you need to listen up. Chances are if you’re the artistic type, you’re not very organized. Chances are you don’t have specialized equipment that would store all the nail polish you use in the course of a week, a month, or even a year.

As you probably already know, this can get really messy. When you look at your room, it seems that there are tons of stuff on the floor and there is nail polish that is left open, it can be a real mess. This is why it’s really important to seriously consider buying a nail polish rack.

A nail polish rack, of course, holds all your nail polish bottles. This is a very handy piece of equipment because you can easily access whatever nail polish you are thinking of using. Yu don’t have to stoop down, you don’t have to assume an uncomfortable position, you don’t have to dig through piles of other stuff.

A properly designed nail polish rack is very accessible, it’s very easy to figure out, and you can quickly get and return your chosen nail polish. If you’re thinking of getting one, please pay attention to the following factors.

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What to look for when picking the right nail polish rack?

Pick the spot you’ll place the rack in.

Your first choice is to pick the spot you are going to use for your nail polish rack. Of course, everybody’s choicer is different. We all have different agendas. We all have different priorities. Make sure that you are completely clear regarding your priorities so that you can make a truly informed decision as far as picking the right spot in your living area.

Ideally, you would want a spot that is hidden away. You wouldn’t want your small pets racing around your room and knock over your nail polish rack. In most cases, it pays more in terms of peace of mind to locate your polish rack far from the action. But this is all your choice. Just make sure that you pick a spot that you’ll place the rack in.

How many nail polish containers do you see yourself using?

One of the most common mistakes people looking to buy a nail polish rack make is they focus too much on how many bottles of nail polish they currently have. As you probably already tell, if you take your profession or your hobby very seriously, those bottles that you have at your house will multiply.

As you get deeper and deeper into providing nail polish services to friends, relatives, and co-workers, you simply don’t have much patience as far as the gear goes. It’s very, very tempting to use the same nail polish rack as other people in your area. This may or may not be a good thing.

Which design type would you like?

When looking at different nail polish rack models, one key question that you need to ask yourself is the design type of that model. You would quickly realize that a typical nail polish rack actually comes out in a wide range of designs. These designs of course, have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. You would be doing yourself a tremendous favor figuring out what the disadvantages and advantages are when it comes to design.

Figure out the size.

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This is crucial. If you live in a tiny cramped apartment, chances are you probably feel that you don’t have enough space to turn around. Accordingly, if you have a very cluttered family room or personal space, make sure that you carve out enough space for your nail polish rack. The next question is whether the nail polish rack is of the right size. Figure out the right size so you can buy the right nail polish rack model.

Make sure you pick a sturdy design.

You’re probably going to be placing and replacing a tremendous amount of nail polish on your rack. Make sure that you pick a rack designed to be sturdy. In other words, even though its materials may be somewhat flimsy, thanks to its design, it can take and withstand quite a bit of punishment.

Make sure you pick a rack made from durable metal or plastic combination

Sturdy design is one thing, sturdy parts and materials are another. Make sure that the rack you’re considering has both a sturdy design and has sturdy materials. We’re talking about durable metals, stainless steel, carbon composites, you name it.

Figure out the right height.

Only you would know what is a comfortable height for your nail polish rack. The best way to go about figuring this out is to actually track your range of motion. Track your daily operations. See how far you would reach out and theoretically how far you reach out in practical terms. You probably would see that there’s quite a bit of a difference between these two measurements.

Factor in ease of access.

If you are getting to give a nail polish rack to your daughter, your daughter probably has a nice small area in her room where she keeps her stuff. Make sure that you factor in ease of access when giving out a nail polish for family members.

Ease of access is as important because the more they can quickly access their supplies, the more likely they are to practice. The more likely they are to practice, the higher the chance that their quality would improve and look great.

Factor in scalability.

When looking at nail polish rack designs, make sure that you pick a product that is scalable. Make sure that you pick a product that you can easily scale up in terms of add-ons or accessories or upgrades.

Keep the tips above in mind. They help make sure that you pick nail polish rack that would give you the most value for every hard-earned dollar you spend on it. Make no mistake about it, all your product purchases are reflections of your frugality and your ability to manage money.

Manage your money well and you’ll get more of it. Manage it the wrong way and whatever little you already have may soon disappear. It’s your choice.

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