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Milky Way Hair: Elegant Wigs, Weaves and Hair Extensions

The hair extensions and weaves industry has revolutionized hair styling trends in the last few years. Today’s woman has a wide range of choices from synthetic to human hair. There are numerous brands of hair extensions on the market but one that has really stood out among them all is Milky Way hair extensions. Milky Way hair from Shake N Go is renowned for its broad range of 100% human hair.

Milky Way hair is made from the finest completely unblended human hair. The hair extensions industry is overly dominated by diverse brands selling every type of hair made from synthetic materials to blended combinations of animal and human hair. Milky Way’s human hair is preferred by many because it is made from Remy hair – the best you can ever get in the hair extensions industry. With Remy hair, you get a 100% human hair product that has the cuticle layer from the scalp still attached. This type of human hair gives you the best option for your weave because it retains its natural reflective look for a long time. Milky Way hair products are designed from the very best of Remy hair.

A wide range of Milky Way hair products

Milky Way has a wide range of products including weave extensions, braids, and lace front wigs just to mention a few. Let’s take a look at some of the brand’s popular hair styling products:

  • Milky Way Weave

Milky Way weave is made from human hair designed with a medium weft. The wefts are not made by a machine but hand tied, which makes them more durable and lighter than machine tied wefts. Milky Way weave products may cost a little bit higher than most of the bulk hair weave extensions you can find on the market today primarily because they are of a higher quality. The hand tied weaves don’t shred easily and will always give you fuller and vibrant hair. The extensions can either be glued in or simply sewn in depending on your personal preferences.

Depending on the look you aspire to achieve, you can either choose short or long-styled Milky Way weaves. A popular option for a shorter style is the French Twist which comes in a standard 8-inch length. It has a medium amber blue hue and rolling wavy curls. If you desire to have a more flowing style then Milky Way Finger Roll weave is a perfect choice. It is a long 16-inch weave that falls below the shoulder. The Finger Roll is available in a light amber shade. For those who prefer the in-between look that is neither short nor long, the Deep Water Milky Way hair weave is a perfect choice. The 10-inch long weave barely touches your shoulders. Its curls are lighter than the other two types. It comes in a nice dark brown shade.

  • Milky Way Lace Front

Of all the lace front wigs you can get from Shake N Go, none looks finer and more elegant than Milky Way lace front. The lace locks from Milky Way are made from 100% human hair. They are designed to ensure that your hair stays contained and not exposed at any time. The locks are very lightweight. You’ll hardly notice you are wearing one. They give you the appearance of real hair growing from your scalp. You can hardly tell the difference between Milky Way lace fronts and real hair.

The front wigs are intricately tied strand by strand by hand without the use of glue or tape. A good example is the Amora Bob which gives you a perfect short hair look. It falls just above the neck with a stylish mid part. It is available in a lovely deep brown shade. If you love shoulder length lace front wigs, you may need to take a closer look at the Danika from Milky Way. It has a middle part accented by brown highlights. Another great option is the Marylin which is short, tight, and has a beautiful blonde color with red highlights.

  • Milky Way Braids

Milky Way has some of the finest braids on the market today. The brand’s braids are designed to give your extensions a cleaner, well-organized tighter look. The only downside with these braids is that they are often too tight and may feel uncomfortable to some women. Fine examples of Milky Way braids include the Afro braid which gives the wearer a beautiful kinky bulk look. The braid comes in two lengths, 10 and 16 inches with colors ranging from amber all the way to black. If you want a nice braid that falls slightly below the shoulder, then Milky Way’s Water Bulk is for you. It is a tight weave with a middle part and flows beautifully to the sides. Another great option is the Vako Bulk that gives you a beautiful bunch of tight braids with a full length of 16 inches. They have a lovely light amber brown color.

Easy Care and Maintenance of Milky Way Hair Products  

Milky Way hair weave, wigs, and extensions are quite easy to maintain. A light dab of gel, mousse, or even oil sheen will give your hair a nice curly wet look at all times. However, avoid oil sheen if you have a bonded weave as the oil is likely to make the hair slip out. Remember also to comb the Milky Way hair starting from the bottom to detangle the ends. A large-toothed comb is always recommended for this type of hair extensions, wigs, and weaves. With proper care, you’ll enjoy your Milky Way hair for a long time.

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If you cherish the style and beauty of your hair, then you understand the importance of getting the best quality extensions, wigs, or weaves. Milky Way hair offers you the most elegant 100% human hair that will give you the look you desire to achieve. The brand has a diverse range of weaves and extensions to suit every woman’s hairstyle needs.


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