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Scentbird coupon code and review

If you love to wear a perfume, then you know that there is a specific fragrance out there that you can call a “signature” scent. But here’s a common problem: almost no one has the time, energy, and/or money to find that “signature” scent, especially when you consider the fact that the perfume industry carries thousands of different brands and products. You can say that finding a signature scent is like finding a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, there is an easier and more efficient way of finding that “signature scent” of yours. What this article is talking about is Scentbird.

So, what is Scentbird? How does it work? And, how much does it cost?

If you are interested to know the answers to these questions, then read on as those are the things that we are going to cover in this article. Also, we are going to cover other important points related to this specific product.

Scentbird – Introduction

Scentbird is the brainchild of Mariya Nurislmova. According to Mariya, she first fell in love with perfumes at an early age. She also mentioned in an interview that the idea of Scentbird came from her teens when she was doing a lot of scent sampling. Hence, at its core, Scentbird is a scent-sampling service. However, the way Scentbird is packaged is something else, and that’s what makes it truly unique.

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How Does Scentbird Work?

A lot of people gave Scentbird the title, the “Netflix of perfumes.” In a lot of ways, the title is true. The first thing you need to know about Scentbird’s main product is that it is a subscription-based program.

Once your subscription payment is confirmed, Scentbird will send you 30-day samples of different designer fragrances. Part of the Scentbird system helps you determine your “signature scent.” Scentbird infuses technology to help make better recommendations for you.

To start with Scentbird, you need to sign-up at the official website. If you are a new customer, you can complete an interactive quiz to get even better recommendations. This might sound a bit of a hassle to some, but it’s there to help you find your “signature scent.” Hence, it’s best that you answer the quiz the best that you can.

From your answers to the quiz, Scentbird’s propriety technology then presents you with the best perfume suggestions. However, it’s still up to you if you want that to be in your monthly queue. Yes, you can line-up the fragrances you want to try.

If you are not yet completely sure about becoming a Scentbird member, then you have the option of purchasing 0.27 oz perfume cartridges from them. The 0.27oz (8 ml) perfume is about the same as the 30-day supply, but it’s not subscription-based.

Before finalizing your selection, you will be requested to enter your payment details. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that Scentbird’s default setting is to automatically renew your monthly subscription. You can cancel anytime but if you want to stop the service, you need to change the setting before the next monthly cycle begins on the 5th of every month.

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Shipping is free. Your Scentbird package will ship between 15th -18th or 25th – 28th of every month (depending on the date of your subscription confirmation) and you will receive it usually 5-10 days later depending on your location.

Scentbird – Who’s It For?

While anyone can make use of Scentbird’s service, the system leans towards servicing individuals who want to try different fragrances without the need to commit in purchasing a full bottle. Also, Scentbird’s system is perfect for individuals who are looking for their “signature scent.”

How Much Does It Cost?

Scentbird has 3 major product categories – the membership, full-size fragrance bottles, and gift boxes.

  • Membership – This is the product package for which Scentbird is known for. Most people pay $14.95 and sign up month to month. You can also opt for the 6-month plan, which is at $84 (save around $1 per month). There’s also a 12-month plan, which is at $164. This one is around $13.50 per month. The membership will give you access to more than 450 different fragrances and access to the proprietary suggestion technology. The package also comes with a complimentary carrying case. For each month, you will receive 0.27 oz of your selected scents.
  • Full-Sized Fragrance Bottles – If you like a particular scent from Scentbird, then you can purchase a full-sized bottle. If you are paying for the membership, then you have the option of subtracting your one month’s credit ($15 off) to the final price of the bottle.
  • Gift Boxes – Scentbird also sells gift boxes. The boxes come in sets with 3 pre-selected scents and you have a variety of options.

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Scentbird Reviews – From Other Users

Is Scentbird Worth It?

Before you make a final judgment on Scentbird’s system, it’s best that you look at it from a bigger perspective. If you only see the fact that you are paying $14.95 a month for a cartridge, then you might think it’s just a decent deal. However, the real benefit of Scentbird is its propriety suggestion technology. You can easily spend hundreds of dollars looking for that “signature scent,” and it’s not even guaranteed that you will find the one that you are looking for. With Scentbird’s help, you can find that “signature scent” much faster and cheaper which is where your real savings will come. Is Scentbird worth it? It definitely is if you are serious about finding your signature scent or just enjoy trying new things all the time.

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